Trailer, Safe zone Videos and Application




Introduction ( walker space video )  :


Mezz safe zone video :

Application :

ss (2014-05-26 at 11.14.09)

click on the picture to load interactive application

Application use video:



User Flow – Final


This is the user flow for the final idea if we used the full university and how it would work

Walker space:

Walker Space Entrance

Walkerspace entrance


Walker Space Exit

Walker space exit

  • Enter the main entrance.
  • Get briefing.
  • Get meet by the soldier guide.
  • Get led through the side door that leads to the staircase.



Way to the Mezz

Mezz walk to


The Mezz



Walk to 2nd floor

Mezz - walk past

  • After going up the staircase they get taken to the mezz.
  • Survivors have to solve the puzzle to get the video to play.
  • Get the new info with new directions.



Walk to the library

library walk to





Library alternative exit


  • Use the staircase to go up past 2,3 and arrive on 4.
  • Go into the library through the main entrance.
  • Solve the puzzle to start video.
  • Leave through the alternative exit.


CLR and Info Desk:

Information desk

Info desk




Walk way to 6th


  • Use the staircase to navigate to fifth floor.
  • Solve the puzzle to start video set up is at info desk parts for the video are at clr meaning they Need to go to both.
  • Use the bridge to go to 6th.


Fashion Workshop:

  • Walk around 6th go to 7th floor
  • Make your way to the fashion enter through the main entrance leave through the alternative and Make your way to 8th


Prototyping Workshop:

  • Use the staircase on 8th to go to 9th
  • You have made it to the medical centre
  • Double or nothing.


Reverse order you use the knowledge that you have gained to go back down the uni to the walker space to get your prize and escape


Safe zone:

0. Walker Space ( start of / end)

1. Mezz

2. Floor 2 (none)

3. Floor 3 (none)

4. Library

5. CLR and Info Desk,

6. Floor 6 (none)

7. Fashion prototyping 7

8. Floor 8 (none)

9. Workshop/Medical centre)

Final Mechanics


After we had gone back and done some new play tests I could finally decide on what rules and mechanics would work properly given the users the best experience.

_MG_9434 _MG_9437 _MG_9439 _MG_9446 _MG_9459

The play test couldn’t be done across the entire university as it was designed for so we had to make a smaller version of the play through. We did this by using the biggest space in the university which was the walker space and divided up using chairs and boards into sections the users had to navigate through.

Survivors Rules: The way up the university

  • Have to make it from ground floor to floor 9.
  • They have to stop at every checkpoint to gather weapons and information.
  • They must stay with their guide.
  • They cannot touch the zombies.
  • They have 30 minutes to make it to the top.


The Way down the university :

  • They have to the choice whether to evacuate ( leave the uni) Or fight the cure ( double or nothing).
  • If they fight the cure and get caught they are out and have to take the lifts to the ground floor as there are out and leave with nothing
  • They can spread out and and roam but they cannot go past the bordered off areas.
  • They can only reload their weapons at the safe points. (scientist has the cure in is bag)
  • They have no time limit on the way down they just need to survive.
  • Nerf guns will hold 6 bullets each and need to be reloaded when the shots are out


Guide rules:

  • Can only give tips to the survivors ( can’t tell them where to look for parts or help them in riddles to start the video ).
  • They have to die at the start of the curing session.
  • Guide solider is replaced by the scientist on the way down.


Zombie rules: On the way up

  • 7 zombies to 15 survivors on each floor on the way up the building.
  • They will be at a walking pace .
  • They are alerted by load sound only .
  • They have permission to roam the floors in the bordered area.
  • When they get shot by the guard they collapse and activate a red glow stick to symbolise they are dead.


Zombies rules on the way down:

  • They will be no zombies on ground floor to floor 3 they will all move to floor 4.
  • The zombies from floor 9-5 once defeated or snuck a past will make they way to floor 4 by the emergency staircase or the lifts where the big surprise is.
  • They will be a little bit faster as they are attracted to the cure so the pace will be moved to a quick walking speed.
  • They will be a total of 63 zombies to the 15 players during the big finale on 4th floor
  • If they are hit once with the cure (nerf gun bullet they will fall to the ground and activate the green glow sticks to symbolise that they have been cured )

Survivor Mechanics – Play Test 1



Survivors Game play Testing

We game played the survivor mechanics including a mock up application that we made on axure and Videos that would be at every checkpoint.

The pointed out parts that they thought would be problematic :


Prototype Mock up –

Using the Application as the only way round the building – As this would be there first time in the university even a application/ phone website would be very hard to understand.

Solution for this was to guide which could be a  second or third year pretending to be a first year, or a Solider that has been sent down by the scientist  to help them


The video – Didn’t explain very well. The video at every checkpoint was supposed to give them clues and information about the university.

Solution : Redo the video to include and redo the script to include more information but no to overload the users with information.


Zombie Mechanic – Play test 1


As a group we tested the zombie mechanics to see how it worked as it would need to be important part of the game.

Zombie Packs: Scouts (Initiate hunt from distance) [Half the room width] (Slow zombies at walking speed)

2 Normal followers (only attack at arm distance)

2 Zone leaders (attack when you enter a zone) [Fast] 2 were doing 2 players each zombie category and about 8 players against the zombies.

The feedback we got is that having the zombie in zones makes it really difficult to catch people as since we had 3 different types of zombies that have different abilities meant the players had to navigate into different zones to get to the check point.

Ardiuno and Raspberry Pi


Initial Idea :

We started off the idea with using a Arduino hooked up to a laptop which was then plugged into a TV. This would of been done using a Ardiuno Leonardo that would simulate a key press. This key press would trigger open frameworks which would play a video. we thought about this and it would turn out to be very expensive to to place all of these across all the safe zones.


We changed the laptop to a raspberry pi which reduces the price to set up and reduces the prices if anything was to break or malfunction. We got the code working with a dummy video. We set the leonardo up as a keyboard input and booted the raspberry pi into terminal.


Idea Feedback


Raspberry Pi implementation:

We couldn’t demo this as we hadn’t built anything we just had a concept idea so the feedback was to get a working demo of it for us to do feedback and develop it further.

Mobile site:

We did a very rough mock up of a mobile site which would go along with experience.


The feedback we got was the overall design needed to be redesigned to make it more flow better. Also we needed to refine the information we were telling the user so we didn’t overwhelm them. We also need to figure out how they were going to find out about it.

Idea Development


From the ideas I blogged about earlier we choose to take forward two and role them into one idea. The ideas where the Gotham Institute and the Zombie apocalypse ideas after this we need to flesh out the idea developing game mechanics, a web aspect and a physical aspect.

The game Idea

Aim is to reach the medical centre which is on 9th floor (prototyping room) while staying in your team.

In your team you have sub teams. The sub teams are :

Zombie Expert – They will get all the information about the up and coming zombies they going to encounter and how to handle them.

Electricians – They get given information about how to assemble the videos at each checkpoint to get more information

scouts – they get given information about all the parts they need to collect to fight the zombies against the zombies.

On the way up the university they will go into all the safe zones and collect the pieces to the weapon. (key points of the floor that students should know about)

In each safe zone they will have to solve a electronic riddle which once solved will give them information about the zombies they will encounter, what part they need to get and where to go next.

Once they get all the pieces from the safe zones they will be in zone 9 where they will be the safe zone they have two options they can escape in the lift or can go locked and load back down the university and cure the zombies.

You can choose to go down as a team or go down on your own you can split the prize or take it solo. The zombies on the return journey will be able to attack you if you get caught you lose everything. if you make it to the bottom you will get a prize.


Tech List 


arduino kit

Couple of motion sensors


Fog machine


Key Areas

We then needed to find out the key points of the university that we would want to take the new students too. we did this and then did a 2d floor plan to just highlight the areas in the university.

Safe Zones/Quarantined (Key places for Students to know):

The Walkers space





Info Desk

Prototype Room

The key areas are going to be the safe zones that the students have to go to in order to move on at each key area which is a safe zone will be something they need to collect along with information about that part of the university.


Floor by Floor breakdown:

The Mezz:

Floor 2: This is where players can find the first piece of the cure weapon in the back rooms but must tread carefully in the corridors as booby-traps will be littered about the floor.

Floor 3:

Floor 4 (library): One of the main safe zones, the half way point in the whole game and the point where players will be able to find the instructions on how to construct the gun that will eventually be used to cure the zombies.

Floor 5: The players will have the opportunity to contact the real world but in choosing to do so there is no guarantee the phone line works.

Floor 6: This is where the players will be able to find the second part of the cure weapon exploring the floor scanning the QR code for hints and a mini map as to where they can find the piece.

Floor 7: This is the floor where players can find the third part of the cure weapon and using the prototyping room to construct the weapon to get it ready for the doctor to prepare to take the cure weapons.

Floor 8:

Floor 9 (prototyping): This is where players can choose to collect the cure or indeed finish the whole game… obtaining the cure from the doctor in the bullets he has constructed stated at the start of the game.


Induction Ideas


In a group we had to come up with the ideas to redo the induction process for Ravensbourne University and from these ideas we had to take forward one idea and develop it.

– Oculus Rift Gothamsbourne ( Ravensbourne is transformed into Ravensbourne institute for the criminally insane. They get challenged by the riddler they have to complete 10 riddles (riddle for each floor ) once there all complete they have won their freedom)

– Zombie Apocalypse (zombie break out in uni, send it into meltdown they start on ground floor and have to make it to the evac on 9 floor stopping at each floor to get help and look for supplies maybe even fight of a horde but also could use sound instead making the players feel immersed in the atmosphere that has been put in place creating moments of panic causing players to think on their feet)

– Interactive Cluedo (virtual reality, qr codes or Augmented Reality… using the Oculus clues could pop up at a moments notice giving the player a decision to make Arkham Asylum style which when investigated will lead players on a trail around the university taking them to the diff locations e.g. library or prototyping rooms)

– Raveaphobia (Installation… The game combine riddles and physical tasks, with the aim being to, escape from a room. Teams of up to five get an hour to make the successful exit)

– RaveSims (available on moodle… where players can find the virtual Ravensbourne and do as they please, using your unique id/ login number you can do untold amounts to ravensbourne from changing the layout to its whole population inside having the opportunity to run Ravensbourne as if you were the Dean)


– CLRtyrdom (find and defuse the equipment by interacting with it in some way and tools needed will be located in the CLR and also the safe point will be the CLR with a countdown clock included players will diffuse the equipment/bomb and return it to the CLR for inspection when done)

– gLiTcH (virtual reality world in the university using the oculus where players will explore the uni and find hidden clues which can only be found using the oculus to uncover the bigger secret of the university… origins and history)

– LEGOthon (mainly for architecture… on the course induction where students will get the chance to build anything they wish and they will be judged at the end of the activity, and the team from the course who win will get to see their creation 3d printed?)

– LEGOfind (The course face off building lego sets that all created something linked to e.g. a book = library, they have to build the set, go to the corresponding place and collect a token. The course that collect the most tokens the fastest win a prize)

– 9 out of 10 raves (Course battle off against each other on a game show a riddle is asked then they have to race to location)

Game Testing – 1



Years ago where  I was in secondary school I used to play a game call Warhammer 40k, it was a turn based game where you had your own army and versed each other it was a fairly expensive hobby and I grew out of it and ended up selling my armies for barely anything. I was researching games and Warhammer popped up yet again and they have done a lot to improve it in the rules, models and overall game.


At the start you will but a army and assemble the piece and paint them which add to the gaming experience but when i was at the game workshop store I noticed they have made it more accessible and now you see more younger kids around 12+   compared to when I start playing when I was about 15/16. the building of models and painting them gives you a sense of accomplishment and you have something that you have made and you can go as far as customising them to making them one off pieces.


The gaming experiences is fun because at first you are learning to play while you game and everyone is very friendly with giving you tips and hints about how to go about setting up, what units to use and just general advice which isn’t what you also see when you compare it to video games such as call of duty online which is a lot of trash talk.